The Infinite Banking Concept and My Business

How Can the Infinite Banking Concept Help My Business

infinite banking conceptIn my 20 years in financial services, I’ve met with and spoken to many small business owners and self-employed people. I don’t profess to be a small business expert. But I know a little about the lives small business owners live….just from talking with them for so many years. Being self-employed or owning a small business is not easy. Many small businesses have failed. In fact, most small business ventures fail. Money can be hard to come by, and it doesn’t always seem to get easier as you grow your business and add employees. Some small businesses don’t grow enough to add any employees, or maybe just one or two.

Other small businesses are very successful, support many employees, and reward their owners with a great income. But money for on going operations and expansion is still a challenge. How difficult is it to accumulate a healthy savings account, and how can you grow that account safely? What about loans and lines of credit for your business? That can be quite a challenge as well. And if business slows substantially, what kind of stress will you experience knowing you have loans and lines of credit to repay?

What about retirement? Do you have enough money left over from your cash flow and profit to fund a comfortable retirement? So many self-employed and small business owners don’t save very much for retirement, if anything. Between what you draw for living and lifestyle, and what you need for the daily operations of your business, there’s not much left over for retirement.

If you could fund your daily operations, set aside money for emergencies, finance the future growth of your business, and save a substantial tax free nest egg for retirement, all while operating your business and life on a mostly debt free basis, would you want to learn how?

The following three part video series will introduce you to The Infinite Banking Concept Cost Recovery Strategy. It will answer these questions:

1. Would you AND your business be better off if you could recover expenses while still recording them as an expense?

2. Would you AND your business be better off if you could become your own financing source?

3. Would you AND your business be better off by recovering the lost opportunity cost associated with business expenses, thus growing your wealth?

4. Would it be beneficial to get money out of the business on a tax free basis to help supplement retirement?

The Infinite Banking Concept Cost Recovery Strategy is a unique approach you won’t find with your accountant or your current financial advisor. We can show business owners like you how to recapture major expenses that would otherwise be lost while creating a nice way to supplement your retirement with tax free income.

infinite banking for business

The Infinite Banking Concept Cost Recover Strategy Video Series

Infinite Banking Cost Recovery Strategy Intro

Infinite Banking Cost Recovery Strategy Video One

Infinite Banking Cost Recovery Strategy Video Two

Infinite Banking Cost Recovery Strategy Video 3

Here are the spread sheets used in the videos:

1. Cost Recovery Non Banking Template

2. Cost Recovery Reg Acct Repayment Template

3. Cost Recovery IBC Repayment Template

4. Cost Recovery Insurance Illustration

 Your Next Step

You’ve seen the usual way to handle business expenses and you’ve seen how it can work applying a banking model to paying targeted expenses. You’ve also seen The Infinite Banking Concept Cost Recovery Strategy for recovering your targeted expenses and converting them to tax free wealth. So you have a decision.

“Do I spend the rest of my life giving away wealth to banks and finance institutions, or do I keep that interest and create tax free wealth? Do I continue to worry about financing my business and paying off debt, or do I become my own banker and keep that wealth….and save myself from the stress and uncertainty of being a slave to the lender? Do I worry about saving enough for retirement, or do I finance myself to a tax free retirement?”

Call or email me ASAP and let’s discover how this unique strategy can work for you, your business, and your family. Look at the numbers and decide for yourself. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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