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Welcome to Living Debt Free!

I look forward to working with so many of you to improve your financial futures. I just want to introduce myself and let you know what I’m passionate about.

Don’t forget, everything I talk about applies to small businesses as well…not just to individual and families. BY THE WAY…see all my videos on my YouTube Channel at

Important Note: None of these programs and strategies have anything to do with the stock market or putting your money at risk!

 The Most Important Financial Concept

The most fundamental and vital financial concept regarding debt and personal finance is described in the following video. If you will learn it and embrace it, you will ensure financial prosperity for you, your family, and your business. Read my blog post about it HERE.

Tax Free Income for Retirement! It’s never been more important than NOW! 

How to Live Debt Free with the Infinite Banking Concept

Dave Ramsey has some pretty good ideas about getting out of debt. But staying out of debt is where is all starts to fall apart. Conquer staying out of debt with the Infinite Banking Concept once and for all.

Whole Life with IBC vs Indexed Universal Life for Tax Free Retirement Part 1

Whole Life with IBC vs Indexed Universal Life for Tax Free Retirement Part 2

Safe Money Principles

There are fundamental principles of financial well-being that everyone should know. I’ve listed them in this video and explained how they can keep your financial future secure. Don’t miss out on this great information!

Becoming Your Own Banker

How do you borrow from an Infinite Banking Concept policy? I get this question from time to time. This video explains why you would want to bank with your policy. I compare borrowing from your policy to borrowing from a conventional bank.

Where Should I Invest My Money

I shot this video (01/15/2015) because of all the uncertainty in the stock market and questions about what the future holds. This isn’t about investing in the stock market, but rather how to save for the future safely, while getting good, and not putting all your money in the market. Read my blog about it HERE.

Personal Pension Plan versus Fee Only Advisor

This video will destroy conventional wisdom and show you how clients are being lied to on a daily basis about their retirement. Created 12/17/2018.

Get Out of Debt Plan: Generosity

On October 25, 2013 I posted a blog with the above title. Read it here. I felt so strongly about the subject that I had to shoot a video about this very important, core fundamental principle of living a financially prosperous life. By the way, I meant to say the book of Proverbs in the video.

Assets and Liabilities

In order to succeed financially to the fullest extent, you must understand what are true assets and what are liabilities. This is crucial. The best person to explain this is Robert Kiyosaki, my financial guru of choice. I’ve written a blog post about this video and I encourage you to read it, either before viewing the video or after. Here is the link to the blog post. I’ve attached an introduction to this video.

Infinite Banking Real Life Case Study 

This is case is for a young family. So it works for practically anyone. Bear in mind, this is scaleable for any situation and any amount of money. Let your imagination run wild!

Whole Life Dividends explained