401K Plans and Your Private Bank

Your 401K vs Your Private Bank

I was on my yahoo page looking at the stock market news. I saw a headline: Wall Street down on growing default concerns. I began to think how headlines like those affect the average individual or family, especially those with 401Ks plans or IRAs. I know from phone calls I’ve received from clients in the past that headlines, many times, worry them. So I decided to shoot a quick video to share some of my knowledge and opinions regarding the stock market as it is today.

What Are My Options

I want you to know there are many options available to you when it comes to saving for retirement, or even for the near term. For many families, the bulk of their estate is comprised of their home and their 401ks plans/IRAs. Their retirement money can’t be accessed before retirement without penalty (with some exceptions). If you borrow from it, you lose the opportunity to earn market returns on the amount you borrowed. And if you quit employment and don’t repay the loan, it can be counted as income and taxed.

If you had your private family bank set up, not only are the assets therein growing each year guaranteed for your future tax free retirement, but you can borrow against it any time you want and repay it on your terms. The money your earn on the assets isn’t affected by the your loans. Borrowing from your private bank and repaying your loan with interest actually creates more wealth. This isn’t the case with 401k plans. And you can’t borrow from an IRA.

Real estate is another place to invest your money as well as REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). But that money isn’t tax free for the most part. It takes a lot of knowledge and expertise to invest in real estate effectively, and of course you need to acquire lending or have a fair amount of your own cash in order to get started. Creating your private family bank is much easier. In the future, there will be enough in your bank to borrow for real estate. Then you’ll create wealth both ways.

The money in your bank can even finance a business for you someday. You could borrow money from your bank to buy a franchise and hire a general manager to run it for you. Now your bank is creating wealth and so is your business.

For those of you self-employed, your private bank can provide all or almost all the financing you’ll need in the future to grow your business. You can run cash flow through your bank to fund and expand operations, paying back your bank with interest. You grow your business as well as your banks assets. Some day you’ll want to retire and your bank can pay you a six figure tax free income for life.

Your Next Step

You need to call and let’s talk. We’ll find out together if creating your own private family bank is a great option for your present and future financial needs. I believe it very well can be. CALL or email me today and let’s get started!

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401Ks and Your Private Bank

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