Live Debt Free

Get Out of Debt, Live Debt Free, and Retire Tax Free

Ok Victor, how does that happen? The method is easy in reality. But taking the time and effort to learn what you must do, and having the desire to do it….well, that’s a different story. I’ve found in life that when people really want something bad enough, they usually find a way to get it.

What if I gave you a turn key, auto pilot way to get out of debt, all of your debt, even your mortgage, in 10 years or less? What if you could just plug into this system, follow it without much effort, and your debt disappears much sooner than you thought possible? Would that encourage you to investigate further? Listen my friend, you can start today on the road to financial prosperity for life. All you have to do is decide it’s important in your life, and then TAKE ACTION. I will help you along the way.

But once you’re out of debt, what then? One of the unique tools I will help you create along with your debt elimination plan is your family bank using the Infinite Banking Concept. This will allow you to create substantial savings in your family bank at the same time you’re getting out of debt. Once you complete your debt elimination plan, you’ll have tens of thousands of dollars in your family bank! When you borrow in the future, you borrow from YOUR bank. No more being a slave to the lender. You make the money the bank would have made. You grow your wealth, and that wealth is tax free!

Action Steps

Infinite Banking ConceptIt starts with financial education. Go to and order the book, Becoming Your Own Banker, by Nelson Nash. He created the concept and has been teaching and practicing it since the early 1980’s. Click on the picture of his book to order now.

Also, you may want to use a program that facilitates getting out of debt. This provides structure and a step by step plan you can follow. One such plan is Money Mastery. It’s a Christian based program to help people get out of debt. Their website is fantastic! It’s one of the best financial education websites I’ve ever seen dedicated to helping you become financially literate and living a financially responsible lifestyle. Using all the tools on the website to set up your turn key debt elimination system requires a subscription, paid annually or monthy. But it’s very reasonable and anyone can afford it. Learn more at

Below is a video I made on how you can use The Infinite Banking Concept to get out of debt.

What’s Next?

Contact me ASAP. Yes it’s that important. We’ll meet in person or by phone to discuss your situation. Complete the Infinite Banking Data Form and send it to me. Use the Infinite Banking Data Form Instructions┬áto complete the form properly. Don’t feel like it’s hopeless any longer. Don’t keep putting it off because you think the task is too daunting. It’s not. Don’t file bankruptcy. Talk to me first. You owe it to yourself and your family to acquire the information and skills you need to succeed financially. I look forward to meeting you soon.