Affordable Health Insurance

Is There a Better Alternative For Affordable Health Insurance?

There is an excellent alternative to Obamacare, expensive group plans, short term medical plans, and medical cost sharing plans. It’s called an Indemnity Medical Plan. I personally like this option the best.

An indemnity medical plan pays out a certain amount of money for your medical treatment. Hospital stays, surgeries, doctor visits, ambulance rides, lab test, etc. Certain amounts of money are paid out for each procedure or treatment. These plans are highly customizable  according to your budget. They are also permanent plans. So as long as you pay the premiums, you’ll be renewed, guaranteed, through age 65. This provides tremendous peace of mind.

The payouts are generous, and you actually get to choose how generous those payout are. Because it’s an indemnity medical plan, the payouts could actually be higher than the cost of your care. In that case, you receive the difference in a check to you. So if your plan pays $120 for a doctor visit, and your visit only cost $80, you get a check for $40. Or if your plan pays $40,000 for a surgery and that surgery ends up costing $35,000, again you get the difference in a check. When bundled with a catastrophic critical illness plan and a catastrophic accident plan, you end up with a great plan at a 40% to 50% discount over Obamacare.

I’ve saved the best part for last. The deductible only applies to hospitalization. There is no deductible for any outpatient care! You receive first dollar coverage for all your outpatient care. I really love this feature. Think how much money that will save you. Watch this video to learn how it works.


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What’s My Next Step?

Here’s the bottom line folks. You absolutely need to have affordable healthcare insurance.  You should have a plan that provides coverage without having to pay thousands and thousands of dollars up front. That plan is now available!

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