Stock Markets Today AND Your Private Bank

Bulls and Bears….Who’s Right?

Stock Markets TodayI read an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on November 23, 2013. The stock markets today are as confusing as ever. This blog post is one you will definitely want to read. I decided to shoot a video about what I read, and I believe it’s one of my best videos to date. In the video I explain what I learned is this article. It’s timely information you need to know. Let me ask you….are you a Bull or a Bear?

Folks, the stock market is not for everyone. If fact, most people now a days should consider keeping a good portion of their money out of the market. What do you mean by that, Victor? The market has been doing well this year, you may say. It’s a bull market. I’m not giving investment advice here. I’m going to share some information, and I want you to use your common sense as you read and listen.

One of the Ten Principles of Money Mastery is seeing the big picture. You can’t look at what the stock market is doing now and base your whole financial future on it. But that’s what people do. They get in…they get out of the stock market, make decisions that affect their future, based on what going on right now or on what some Wall Street guru just said. Very little of that information is accurate long term, as you will see.  

Do you want to insure financial prosperity for your future? Then you need to make decisions now that will keep your financial future on solid ground for a lifetime. You need to have a large percentage of your money where it will never lose value…where it increases in value every year regardless of what the market does. As you will learn in my video, no one really knows for sure what the market will do. Most of the so called experts get it wrong.

One of the best solutions is creating your own family bank. For many of you, this will be the most important decision you can make. You must get out of debt, and you must build long term, safe and reliable wealth. But you still need to finance your life, don’t you. Only when you create a family bank can you borrow the money you need for life and build wealth guaranteed for life. Tax free wealth and tax free income for life are the long term benefits of creating your family bank.

Enjoy the video and let me know in the comments below what you think. Call or email me to see how creating a family bank can benefit you and your family.


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