Personal Success…It Thrives Within You

Do You Want Personal Success?

Personal successI have an online mentor who became a multi-millionaire after starting with practically nothing. He doesn’t personally know me, but I follow his teachings online where I am learning how to succeed in the internet business world. Looking back at the last 18 months or so of trying to learn this business, I realize that I’ve fallen short even though I’ve learned how to create websites like this and write blogs like this. You know what…I didn’t consistently follow through with the success steps for this business. So I push on with more vigor towards the day more and more income will flow my way from these endeavors. I realized there are no excuses in life

Oh we can try to make excuses. And sometimes they actually sound pretty good. Heck, we even believe them at times. But deep inside….come on now…you know it’s just an excuse.

How To Become Successful

So I began to think hard on this question…how to become successful. How can I have success in life? What does it take to succeed in everything I set my mind to?

I won’t pretend I have that answer for you. I am not the “Guru of Success”. I’ve had my successes AND my failures. I can only tell  you what I will do going forward. Better yet, I will illustrate it for you and for me.

My internet mentor shot this video. It’s powerful and it had quite an impact on me. I wanted you to see it.

I want all of you to know success in 2016…..personal success in all you do. I want you to have success in LIFE.

I want only the very best for you….but that very best is on YOU! Watch the video….and be certain you can succeed.

Pure Leverage MASSIVE ACTION Joel Therien 8 Figure Business from Victor Cuevas on Vimeo.

The Challenge for Personal Success

We’re five months into 2016 as I write. What will you do with the rest of this year? WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH IT!?! Stop it now. Just STOP making excuses for not having the life you want. I’m talking to me and I’m talking to you. The life you have now….is it really what you want? Or do you want more. Not just more money…that’s not what it’s all about. But more of being ALL that you can be. Reaching for the stars and getting there. Knowing what can be and achieving it….making an impact in this world and blessing others in the process.

I’m already succeeding in this year with a new business…a business I’ve shown many of you. It’s a business you will absolutely succeed in if you follow my lead…which is the lead I’ve followed from my off line (in person) mentors who are already making six and seven figure incomes. Like the video said, it’s a certainty if you believe it and follow the success steps. It can’t not happen for you! 

Don’t settle…..just don’t do it!!! Cause you have in you what it takes to make it happen in your life no matter what the circumstances. Believe it! No more excuses about debt, no more excuses about addictions, no more excuses about losing weight, no more excuses about not having a job or making enough money, no more excuses about not being able to work things out with your friends, spouses, family members, or co-workers, no more excuses about not creating massive wealth in your life! No more whining about “poor little me…nothing’s working out for me”. Aren’t you sick of that? Nobody wants to listen to that. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t tell me what you should have done. Just don’t “should” on yourself. Can I hear an Amen out there?

When!?! WHEN WILL YOU DECIDE TO FINALLY PUT UP OR JUST SHUT UP? I challenge myself AND I challenge YOU. Make it happen this year once and for all….all that’s in your heart to accomplish….get ‘er done! Make 2016 THE year you did it. Become a success leader and watch others follow.

Anybody with me on this? Let me see your comments belowLet’s get busyyyyyy!!!!

Victor Cuevas

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    Thanks for sharing this video. Watching this gets me even more pumped to be successful. See you soon

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