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They Call it The God Particle

I wondered what to write for my inaugural blog post. You may wonder what this subject, The God Particle Found, has to do with my website. Well…I probably won’t always write about getting out of debt and creating your family bank on this blog. I want to provide you with great information, but I want you to become more acquainted with me as well.

God Particle FoundHaving said that, this subject is very much relevant to the purpose of this website. I was reading this article about the origins of the universe. It’s very interesting. It talks about the particle of matter that’s the key to making all of creation possible. Peter Higgs first wrote about it in the 60s, but it was just theory. Last year it was physically discovered and verified. Commentators, not scientists, have called it the “God Particle”. Go HERE now to read the article.

The majority of scientists claim there is no God, or discount Him in creation. Most people agree more with science than with God. Yet those same people call this particle, “The God Particle”. This particle is their God. To scientists, this particle is why they are here today.

Proverbs 1:7 says “Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge…”. And Proverbs 2:6 says “For the Lord grants Wisdom! From His mouth come knowledge and understanding”.

Don’t get me wrong. I love science, but I know WHO created science. I wonder… if these scientists were born again Christians and gave all the glory and honor to God as the creator of the universe…how much more knowledge and understanding of the universe would God reveal to them? Think about that. If they worshiped God and not God’s creation (The Particle), what wonders would God reveal to them?

I know in my life whenever I get too smart for my britches, bad things tend to happen. I am currently reading and studying two books written by Steven Scott…The Richest Man Who Ever Lived – King Solomon’s Secrets to Success, Wealth, and Happiness, as well as Mentored by a Millionaire – Master Strategies of Super Achievers. Steven Scott was fired or quit his first 8 or 9 jobs within a year each. He was a failure at almost everything hid did. He went on to become one of the top marketing and advertising gurus of all time selling billions in products and creating millions and millions of dollars of personal wealth. He’s a strong Christian and gives God 100% of the glory. He conducts his life and business according to the principles in the Bible.

Just this past Sunday at Church of The Highlands, our pastor taught on Lessons in Faith. He said at one point, “Don’t live by feelings, live by principles”. This is so true. Steven Scott teaches this as well. On my website under the “Live Debt Free Tab” you will see a video about the Ten Principles of Money Mastery. If you haven’t seen it, go HERE now to watch it. Money Mastery is a Christian based organization dedicated to helping you eliminate debt in your life. Remember, with me as your coach, you get free access to the program.

What Does This Have to Do With The God Particle Found?

It takes faith to accomplish anything. Think about it. The world calls Christians, people of faith. They call scientists, people of reason. However, scientists have just as much faith in their beliefs as I have in God. Scientists disagree many times on certain scientific matters, but each of them swear by their set of data, conclusions, and observations. That’s their faith. But who is right?

Getting out of debt takes faith that you can do it. Hey, being successful at work takes faith, doesn’t it? If you didn’t go in every day believing you can accomplish all that is set before you, it wouldn’t get done.

We help your faith by giving you tools that allow you to put your debt elimination into auto pilot to make it much easier. We give you the principles to follow that can practically guarantee your success. But you have to make the effort to TAKE ACTION. You have to believe in the tried and proven principles that will lead you to success.

God Particle FoundI find it fascination that people will pay money to go to “Success Seminars” to learn how to be successful at work. They will go to retreats and workshops…even meditation sessions. They learn to visualize this and that. All that is great, but no one applies it to getting out of debt and learning how to live a debt free life. Financially, this is what God want’s more than anything, other than giving Him the first fruits of our efforts. Do not be a slave to the lender. Instead learn how to create your own family bank and create wealth.

Remember, you can be out of debt, all you debt, including your mortgage in ten years or less. You can stay out of debt for life by creating your own family bank. Then you borrow from your bank. When you do, you actually create wealth, and some day in the future your bank will pay you a tax free income for life.

Just follow the principals of money mastery and have a little faith in yourself. Then you can be like the little kid above and claim SUCCESS in your financial life!

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