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The Rising Cost of Healthcare

With Obama Care and the poor general health of the American public, healthcare spending is going through the roof. If you have a group Blog cartoon high cost of Obama careplan at work, you have seen your premiums rise, many times quite drastically, over the last three years. If you have private insurance and make a good income, you may no longer be able to afford health insurance. Now what happens? Your health insurance is killing your budget, or you no longer have health insurance. The cost of your healthcare is just too much now. I will discuss with you how to cut healthcare costs for you and your family.

How Can I Cut My Cost of Healthcare

There are several ways to cut your cost of healthcare. The obvious first and best answer is to immediately begin living a healthier lifestyle. I can say this because I have lived a fairly healthy lifestyle all my life. My reward is never being obese and never being sick, other than a cold. And I’m now 62, still healthy as ever. But you need a better answer than that right now don’t you.

I’m saving the best answer for last, so stay with me. Another great way to save is to consider a high deductible plan. When I was self-employed and not married, I always maintained a $5,000 deductible. I had enough money in reserve where I could handle that first $5,000. After that, the plan paid 100%. As a result, I had a low premium. I’m married now and covered by my wife’s group plan. We have a $5,000 deductible to save money. Blog cartoon expensive diagnosis

Many of you reading this with a family have a $2,500 deductible or less. In today’s environment with healthcare costs being what they are, you need to raise that deductible much higher. You’ll see how that drops your premiums quite a bit. Now, you will have to be a better money manager and save enough to cover the deductible. Once you make that switch to a higher deductible, save the difference in policy premiums for several months until you can fill that deductible gap. Use a Health Savings Account if your employer offers one.

You can also buy supplemental plans from companies like AFLAC, Colonial, and others that will cover accidents, doctor visits, hospital stays, and other miscellaneous costs. These can be reasonable and save you money overall. For example, if your child has an accident (very probable) and breaks his arm, it could cost you a lot with emergency room fees, ambulance ride, x-rays, cast, follow up visits, etc. With a high deductible plan, that comes out of your pocket. But a supplemental plan can cover all those costs up to $5,000. So you would be out of pocket virtually nothing. I suggest you explore supplemental insurance. Call me with any questions.

Of course shopping around for the best health insurance rates is always helpful. Implement these suggestions and you will definitely save money on your healthcare costs.

Virtual Doctor Visit: The Modern Way to Save on Your Healthcare Spending

Last year an insurance broker told me about Telemedicine. It’s been around for years, but now really coming into its own. I learned about Teledoc, the number one telemedicine company in America. I was intrigued to say the least. And I discovered that corporations all over the country were providing this to their employees and saving millions and millions on their health insurance premiums and on employee productivity. I decided to get this for myself. You see, there are very few independent advisors like me that are able to provide this service to individuals through a handful of brokers. So today is your lucky day, because I’m one of them. And of course I have this for mCost of Healthcarey family.

Here is how it works. Let’s suppose you need to see a doctor now for some ailment. Your own doctor won’t see you on short notice. Your options are just to deal with it, go to the urgent care center, or, God forbid, go to the emergency room. Most of you have experienced this. And what happens if you’re on vacation or on a business trip and need to see a doctor? It’s tough.

NO MORE! Now you can visit with a doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week to seek treatment for most of what ails you… at home on the computer via webcam, or phone. A board certified doctor with his own practice will see you within 20 minutes. He can diagnose you and prescribe medication. This is awesome! Watch this short video where I introduce the concept. Please excuse my excitement.

Short Teledoc Overview

HealthPerx is who I broker through. And by the way, I can provide this to businesses as well. HealthPerx made this more detailed video on how you would use Teledoc.

I wanted you to have some third party verification about Teledoc. Here is an appearance by the Teledoc CEO on Mad Money.

OK…How Can I Get Set Up for My Virtual Doctor Visit

No one other than a major corporation can approach Teledoc to set this up. For smaller markets and individuals, Teledoc operates through independent brokers who affiliate with individual consultants and advisors like me to reach this market. You can call me or email me to learn more and to sign up. Below is a video on the two plans I designed for individuals and businesses. Not only is Teledoc included in these plans, but also several other great benefits that will help you save more money on your healthcare costs.

Follow my tips in this article and begin saving on your healthcare cost. As soon as possible get signed up with Teledoc through my site right here to enjoy the benefits of Teledoc as well as the other health savings benefits included in the packages I designed just for you.

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