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What Is Safe Money Places?

The definition of “safe money” is money you cannot afford to lose.

A safe money place as one where your principal is protected from loss as long as you follow the initial guidelines, and if you do decide to take your money and leave, you know pretty much what leaving early will cost.

The opposite is a risk money place where if you decide to take your money you don’t know what you will get back. It could be more than you put in – risk money places offer the potential for much higher returns than safe money places – but it could also be less than you started with or even zero.

If you would like to find our more about Safe Money Places, please visit our educational website for more information regarding all Safe Money Places such as Certificates of Deposit and Savings Bonds.


Fixed annuities are a great way to supplement lost income during
retirement. Fixed annuities provide guaranteed streams of income you
cannot outlive.
Fixed annuities provide a guaranteed minimum interest rate and are
considered savings instruments. Insurance companies issue all fixed
annuities. They are not government or bank obligations, so naturally
they are not FDIC insured. However, fixed annuities have an
extraordinary record of safety and offer other benefits.

Annuities can provide:

– A means of accumulating interest on a tax advantaged basis.

– An estate instrument that preserves and protects assets.

– A guaranteed income for life that also lets you access the



The best type of life insurance is the type that is enforced when you pass away. These policies are a great way to financially protect your family and transfer wealth to beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner.

Term Life Insurance:

It should come as no surprise to you that “term” life insurance involves “time,” that it pays a death benefit to your heirs only if
you (the insured) die during a specified period.  

Permanent Life Insurance:

The two primary differences between Term Life and Permanent Life insurance are: Permanent Life Insurance provides you with coverage throughout your entire lifetime, and it may include a way for you to build “cash value in your policy.
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